Gig Review: Little Boots @ Heaven 28.05.09

Little Boots - Border

Electro-Pop’s new princess reminds everyone why there is so much hype surrounding this petit little star.  Just to let you know… she rocked!

If you have not heard about Little Boots, you must have either been living in Kazakhstan or hiding under one immensely huge boulder!  I went to Heaven curious about the hype and it seems she went there to let everyone know the reason why there has been so much noise.  The blog posts, the remixes, the newspaper articles, the mixes have been relentless for a while now.  Little Boots has been catapulted to darling status in the industry and her set at Heaven was testament to her unquestionable talent.  The show also served to highlight a major problem with the industry’s approach to new music in the UK (I’ll’ll rant about that later).

Anyways… the stage was futuristic. The colourful lighting and thick smoke made Heaven feel like a space ship.  I was almost expecting Spock to introduce her.  The Yamaha Tenori-On perched to the side of the stage added to the atmosphere, looking like a prop from the latest Star Trek movie.

From the moment she took to the stage until her final song the show was full of vibrancy and energy.  Thunderous renditions of popular songs such as Mathematics, Meddle and the latest single New In Town fully met expectations.  Her performance of Stuck on Repeat fully exceeded expectations.  A somewhat bland record was given a new lease of life pulsating out of Heaven’s remarkably loud sound system.  The stage and the music interacted effortlessly. It felt like a futuristic party in 2050.

She appeared to relish the occasion, almost ice-cool as she moved around the stage pressing buttons, dancing and stomping her feet like it was Nineteen-Ninety-Nine.  For about an hour, Heaven was all hers.

It was only upon leaving Heaven that it the question hit me; why on earth did it take so long for Little Boots to move from hype to an album release?  It never ceases to amaze me how the UK music industry can take so long to recognise and elevate talent.  I pray she gets the record sales this performance deserves.  I implore you, buy this album.  Even though what was a new and refreshing sound 12 months ago now sounds a little generic because clones and copycats from across the pond managed to get their record out first!

Back to show, the icing on the cake had to be Philip Oakley (of the Human League) joining her on stage for the performance of Symmetry.  Even Ms. ‘ice-cool’ Little Boots was melted by this, a special moment at a thoroughly enjoyable gig.  Good Luck girl…


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