Gig Review: Rose Ellinor Dougall @ Luminere 06.06.09

Rosie review border

Former lead singer for the Pipettes deserts 60s soul pop for a darker more mature sound and makes the evolution seem effortless.

One the night of her single launch, ‘on sparkly white vinyl’ Rosie Ellinor Dougall, former lead singer of the Pippetts performed to a rather packed out Luminere.  Her set was a far departure from the candy-coated pop of her former band. The sound was darker and the performance more grown up.  She really fit the part, her new more serious tone was matched with a black lace dress and dark eyes.  This was not the girl I was expecting.

The set was very competent, and the gig very enjoyable.  Despite being more mature, the post-Pipettes Rosie sounds good and the songs have no lost their pop charm.  It would have helped if she introduced the songs a little because the majority were new to me.  Definitely keep an eye on her because there is huge potential for a brilliant record.

Score: ***/5

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