Waxin’ Lyical on… Mamas Gun

Wax Lyrical - Mamas Gun

It’s rare that I get this excited about a band (last time it happened was when I heard Over by Zarif… so two in one year makes 2009 special), however I have to Wax Lyrical on Mamas Gun.

If you love soul music the link at the bottom of the page may just be the most important one you click all year.  The UK soul scene is an interesting one because it has always been second fiddle to the US scene.  That makes it difficult to discover new bands without putting in the work.  Luckily, Mamas Gun landed on my lap as I saw them warm up Laura Izibor in June.

They are simply sublime and one of the most exciting live soul acts on the scene at the moment.  There first single, Pots of Gold, is the kind of record that needs to be treasured.  I’ve been completely bowled over by these guys.

If I am being honest, I thought the Laura Izibor gig may have been a bit of a fluke, ya know a band raising their game because they are supporting another special artist.  I was proved wrong last night in Hoxton Bar & Grill.  Andy Platt’s voice alone is sumptuous and wholesome… that good old soul sound.  The show was energetic, full of wit and humour.  And the songs were pretty good too!

They have an album coming in August and this will be the real test.  Many a great UK soul act have fallen here; Corrine Bailey Rae, Fried both fell into relative obscurity even after pretty strong debut albums.  I hope Mamas Gun can produce a gem of an album (the two singles they’ve released suggest they can) because to lose a band this good is bad for the industry.

Soulside Funk

Myspace Page – http://www.myspace.com/mamasgun

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