Gig Photos: Ludacris @ Indigo2 07.07.09

LUdacris Banner

On the day we paid tribute to Michael Jackson and remembered those who were taken from us by terrorism… Ludacris came to town.  It was his first trip to LDN in sometime and he reminded us of that at every available moment.

The gig was lively and Ludacris put on a good show… if he did take forever and a day to come onto stage (I mean its not like we even got there early because MJ’s Tribute was on!).  Accompanied on stage by Lil’ Fate, the two fought over whose side was loudest in between powering through classic jams.  Still not to be a ‘hater’ I just wish more hip-hop acts could work with bands because it would take some performances into the next strosphere… and a band definatley would have been nice on Tuesday night.

Soulside Funk

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