Waxin Lyrical on… The Dolly Rockers

Dolly Rockers BAnner

I caught the Dolly Rockers live a few weeks ago and although the did not rock my world, like peanut butter and jam (refuse to call it jelly) something about them works, although I should hate them with a passion.

Dolly Rockers are like a punky version of the Saturdays or an immature version of Girls Aloud.  Not ashamed to tell their listeners about their open hatred for footballers wives (which I am sure if they become famous at least one will become) or to sing songs about being with married men!  It’s what gives them charm and their post-punk/electro-pop fashion sense is cute.

The music is pure pop, nothing more, nothing less… and it works, to a certain extent.  Don’t get me wrong  we are not talking about musical geniuses here, however there is a definitely a foundation to work on.  They are getting their roots in the right way by playing loads of gigs (almost every night… it’s actually pretty impressive the number of shows they’ve done of late).  The assumption when we see cheesy pop acts blow-up out of nowhere is that they are industry babes who never had the same struggle as more seasoned artists.  This is something that definitely cannot be said about Dolly Rockers and if they do blow-up I will defend them tooth and nail.  Playing to an almost empty 93 Feet East is not easy.

I’m intrigued to see how they develop.  Work on the music a little and I think they could have a different kind of commercial pop that is refreshing.  The current single Gold Digger really is a marmite song (love it or hate it, no inbetween). I’m tiptoeing on the love side right now… however hear it too much and it may drive me to suicide, lol.  Pop music just does that sometimes!

Some shots from their show @ 93 Feet East a few weeks back

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