My Thoughts… Preview to Lovebox 2009

Lovebox Preview 2009

Groove Armada’s annual love song to London is upon us to wipe away the gloom of the recession and banker bonuses. Was gonna write something proper, however I am bit too excited…

Below are some of the things I am looking forward to;

  • Jamming by the main stage all day: The line-up is solid
  • Mr. Hudson (without The Library): He’s progressed through the ranks from playing a small tent two years back to the main stage this year.  I hope he still has the Steel Pan in his band because any band with a Steel Pan is legendary in my book
  • Verne’s Jerk Chicken & Rice
  • Avoiding the DJ tents: As much as I love Lovebox, the DJ tents always play a bit too much Fierce Disco and Dirty House for my liking
  • Verne’s Jerk Chicken and Pitta
  • Checking out V V Brown: The album is good and the slow/mid-tempo songs were a very pleasant surprise, far better than expected
  • Insane Fashion Trends: Gonna count how many people are wearing those stupid sunglasses with the lens half cut out – I’m guessing I count 52.  I will be joiing the bright T-Shirt crew though!!! Yup!
  • Checking out V V Brown: The album is good and the slow/mid-tempo songs were a very pleasant surprise, far better than expected
  • Verne’s Curry Goat
  • Meeting more randoms than I can shake a stick at: Singing to songs I’ve never heard with people I don’t know is always one of sheers joys of Lovebox
  • Dan Black: His show to warm for the Ting Tings was pretty crazy… moving around the stage like a human yo-yo at times
  • Blue Skies: It better not rain on Saturday!
  • Verne’s Jerk Chicken with Pitta and Salad: Yes, the real reason I bought my ticket in February (yes February) was Verne’s food
  • Partying with music lovers: There are more music snobs at Lovebox than you could imagine (trust, i’m one of them) yet we all seem to become music lovers for a day at Lovebox.  Liberation from music snobbery; it’s awesome!
  • Working out what on earth Mark Ronson is gonna do with Duran Duran: I love Mr. Ronson with all my heart, however I have no idea how this is gonna work out.  It will either be a musical mess or a fanstastic fusion… lets pray for the latter!
  • The walk back to Mile End Station: That many drunk people makes the walk pure entertainment…

I should never have written this list because I’m over-excited about Lovebox on Saturday!  Working tomorrow will be a struggle!

See ya there

Soulside Funk

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