Gig Review and Pictures: V V Brown @ Pure Groove

V V Brown Banner

I was lucky enough to catch V V Brown playing an acoustic gig at Pure Groove Records for the launch of Shark In The Water.  Honestly, it changed my opinion of her.  Before I had seen her a bit lost as an artist – not sticking to a sound and mixing and matching as she went along. So I did not know what to expect when I saw two acoustic guitarists warming up.

Stripping away all the extras definitely let her voice shine, and I started to understand V V Brown.  What I had mistaken for confusion seems to actually have been over-excitement at having the opportunity to put out a record on a large label, and therefore trying to fit in everything she has experimented with over the years.

The album is alright, even if it does take you all over the world and back again, the journey is kinda cool.

Some photos below…

Soulside Funk

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