Gig Alert: The Pipettes & Lucky Soul

Pipettes Gig Alert

I actually cannot contain my excitement, two of my favourite pop acts playing together.  Shoot, if they added Zarif and Mamas Gun to the bill I would probably pass out!!!  You have to give some props to The Pipettes because they have not played a headline gig for a long minute now, so they took the initiative to organise their own show!  More artists should do this… and do this at small venues in London too!

They’re doing two shows, August 11th and August 25th @ The Lexington in Angel and the night is called TECHNICOLOUR.  Entry is £6 (+ some change for booking fees and any other palaver).

Lucky Soul Border

Soulside Funk


The Lexington –

Lucky Soul Myspace –

The Pipettes Myspace –

Also… seeing as The Pipettes only have snippets on their myspace (which does not do the songs justice) a little Spotify Playlist (that includes Lucky Soul) –

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