Gig Review and Pictures: The Ting Tings @ Somerset House – 14.07.09

I was ambushed by a cold last week so catching up on posts… 1st up, The Ting Tings who played Somerset House as few weeks back.  It was a strong show, although it lacked a moment of unexpected magic to make special.

One thing that was original was Katie White’s Power Rangers inspired outfit; green and covered with silver-sequines!  They put on a steady performance playing all their big hits (with one short album there is not much material to play through to be fair), which they spruced up from time to time with a very colourful wind section.

It would have been nice to have a few covers tracks, crazy remixes or something to pad out the performance because whilst being fun it seemed to lack that exceptional moment to make it special. Perhaps limited by the material they have recorded at the moment I wanted something to make me stand-up and say “wow”. Well there was some rain, that was kinda unexpected as it held off then decided to p*ss down during the encore!

Looking forward to a new album so they can bulk out their catalogue and expand their show because there is the platform for a quite exceptional show with a bit more tracks behind them.  Worth checking when they tour next as it was a cool night…

Big Ups to Daniella and Francesca who experienced their first ever gig with us that night!

Photos (taken from a long way away) below


Ting Tings Sommerset House 03

Ting Tings Sommerset House 05

Ting Tings Sommerset House 08

Ting Tings Sommerset House 07

Ting Tings Sommerset House 06

Ting Tings Sommerset House 01

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