Waxin’ Lyrical on… Rox

Rox Banner

It seems that UK soul may be going through a bit of resurgence – Zarif (who I still need to Wax Lyrical about…), Mamas Gun, and from Ireland we have Laura Izibor… it’s a good time to be a lover of UK soul and now we can add Rox to the list of treats!

I’ll be honest; I stumbled across Rox by accident.  I had just finished interviewing Bright Light, Bright Light and decided to hang around to see who else was playing on the night.  Just as I was contemplating leaving to catch the last train, Rox took the stage and I had to stay because who cares about a last train when each song gets better and better…

What I love about Rox is the sound is so raw and unpolished; rough around the edges to made each song sound that more relevant, that more vital.  Her voice is like wet velvet – trapped somewhere between Nina Simone and Lauryn Hill; raw enough to make you care, yet sweet enough to make you listen!

Rox is definitely one to keep an eye on.  To be honest, her myspace page doesn’t do her justice, you have to see her live to really get the Rox experience.  When you do you’ll understand my excitement.  UK Soul is back baby!!!!

Soulside Funk

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Rox Myspace – http://www.myspace.com/roxmusik

Disclaimer: I am not saying she is as good or better than Nina Simone, or Lauryn Hill, just that her voice is somewhere inbetween the two distinct sounds for a unique sound of her own.  Thought i’d add that before some superfan starts sending me death threats!! (“,)

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