Gig Alert: Mamas Gun @ Borderline

Gig Alert Mamas Gun

If I write another gushing piece about Mamas Gun I will probably have to start the official fan-club or something, so  I shall refrain.

I will say they are playing their second headline gig at Borderline on October 6th.   If you have not seen these guys, the 6th is a must (and it’ll be helped by a nice venue).  With the album planned for release in October, we should also be treated to some new material.  Really looking forward to this one.

A few shots from the show at Monto Water Rats last week below to whet the appetite.

Soulside Funk

Mamas Gun Monto 00Mamas Gun Monto 01Mamas Gun Monto 02Mamas Gun Monto 03Mamas Gun Monto 04Mamas Gun Monto 05Mamas Gun Monto 06

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