Gig Review and Pictures: Technicolour @ The Lexington – 11.08.09

Technicolour Review

Technicolour was a night organised when Gwen (from The Pipettes) and Ali (from Lucky Soul) decided to “get off our arses” and do something about not having played together for a long time. The prospect was mouth-watering, two of my favourite bands from recent years, both long overdue new albums, playing a night together. I was expecting new music, some old classics and a few surprises – so not much then.

First up… Allo Darlin’

Allo Darlin’ were totally new to me (guess this was the surprise), so when a very ‘country’ looking lass took the stage in flowerpower dress, battered Converse and ukulele in hand I was a little apprehensive to say the least. A few minutes later and I had come around to her way of thinking.

Listening to Allo Darlin’ is like hearing those little confused conversations you have with yourself; one moment singing about randomness such as Stephen Hawkins… the next singing a melancholy song about heartache (Heartbreak), then making you laugh out loud with her acute attention to detail on lifes experiences. The song-writing is down to earth as she refrains for using the hyperbole and deeply introspective songwriting that so many folk/indie singers opt for. Oh, and she is very funny too.

The stripped down folk/indie sound suits her singing style and the band never gets too loud or imposing. Definitely one to watch if you like that kind of sound (ps. the reggae song didn’t really sounde like reggae… good tune though)

Allo Darlin' Technicolour 04Allo Darlin' Technicolour 01Allo Darlin' Technicolour 03Allo Darlin' Technicolour 02

Next… The Pipettes

Beth (Pipette?) unfortunately caught Swine Flu, so at the last minute Lucky Soul took the main slot and The Pipettes played earlier than expected.  Any newcomers would not have know The Pipettes were one short because they put on a light-hearted, dance-along set that showcased just what good pop music is all about.

Dressed in retro pink and black polkadot dresses they performed in a style reminiscent of the girl groups of yester-year, shaking and shimmying around, harmonising (both vocals and dance moves) like their lives depended on it.  Despite being one down they seemed to put in a little extra to account for it, Beth would have been proud.

What I didn’t expect (another surprise) was how much new material they had. Pull Shapes and Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me were the only songs from the album they performed. Hearing the songs new soungs (stands outs, Boo Shuffle and Ain’t No Talkin’) made me wonder why it has been such a long wait for new material. Ali (from Lukcy Soul) joining the girls on stage for You’re Kisses was a nice touch to end the set.

Pipettes Technicolour 05Pipettes Technicolour 06Pipettes Technicolour 08Pipettes Technicolour 01Pipettes Technicolour 11Pipettes Technicolour 09Pipettes Technicolour 02

Next up… Lucky Soul

Lucky Soul’s brand of 60s influence soulful-indie-pop (I think I have may have created a new genre) translates well live and kicking-off with the foot-stomping Woah Billy set the tone for the set to come.

What stood out for me were the new songs; Flames was a catchy little number dance number (that I’m still singing now) and Love was the sweet-sounding kind of record strongly associated with Lucky Soul. White Russian Doll however was a bass heavy, funky, more rock tinged record than we are used to and  it proved to be a well measured step to left into new territory.

One small downer was that the acoustics were not great, making it hard to hear Ali’s vocals at times. Far too often she was overpowered by the backing which was a shame because when she could be heard clearly it was captivating and making everything fit.

Lucky Soul Technicolour 02Lucky Soul Technicolour 03Lucky Soul Technicolour 04Lucky Soul Technicolour 05Lucky Soul Technicolour 06

Montte Marde joins Lucky Soul and The Pipettes for the next Technicolour (August 25th), and if Beth (Pipette?) gets better (hope she’s taking her Tamiflu) it should be another great showcase of pop.

Soulside Funk

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