Gig Review and Pictures: Natalie Imbruglia @ The Luminaire (12.08.09)

Natailine Banner

Over the years, everyone’s favourite Aussie soap has given us many pop-stars; Jason Donovan, Kylie (was Dannii ever in Neighbours?), Holly Valance and Natalie Imbruglia.    Beth, sorry, Natalie has been on musical hiatus for the last few years, since she hit the charts with Torn and Shiver so you could say was a comeback gig of sorts.

As she settled into the show it was clear to see Natalie enjoys performing because she was actually glowing.  Little interactions with the crowd, be they a wink, a wave, blowing a kiss… or an invite to her place for tea, “cause its only round the corner,” helped this merry vibe spread around a heaving Luminaire.

Being a ‘comeback’ gig she played a lot of new music and two songs, Scars and Lukas, stood head and shoulders above the others.  Scars was a nice ballad about the baggage people come with… but Lukas was a special song.  Lukas, she needs to release as a single.  Co-written by Coldplay, it was one of those happy midtempo records that remind you days gone by just watching sunset and drifting away.

The happy atmosphere mixed with a few standout performances made it an enjoyable night.  However, I do think that the great songs masked the effects of the average ones… and Cameo, ah Cameo, a song that would have been forgettable if it was not so poor.

Enjoyable night and when it was good, it was great…

Lukas, If we start requesting it now, we may force her to make a single of it

Soulside Funk

Natalie Imbruglia Luminaire 06Natalie Imbruglia Luminaire 03Natalie Imbruglia Luminaire 05Natalie Imbruglia Luminaire 04Natalie Imbruglia Luminaire 02Natalie Imbruglia Luminaire 10Natalie Imbruglia Luminaire 08

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