Waxin’ Lyrical on… Gwenno

Gwenno Banner

This is a quick post before I disappear for two weeks to mention Gwenno.  The Pipettes singer has a little sideline solo project which she showcased a few weeks back in Pure Groove.

On stage with keyboard and Tenori-On (those things still amaze me) she played a few of her new songs.  It is a bit of a departure from the candy-coated soul pop we are used to from The Pipettes, instead opting for a more electo influenced sound.  Don’t think Little Boots or La Roux though, its more gentle and more mature.  Lime Cordial and a song i’ve titled  Dance Alone managed to stick in my head, as did the syncopated beat of Before Sunset.

Some of the songs sounded like they were a work in progress, however the solid base is there.  Definately worth watching out for.

Soulside Funk

Gwenno Pure Groove 01Gwenno Pure Groove 03Gwenno Pure Groove 04Gwenno Pure Groove 02

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