Song of the Week: Milk & Honey

milk + honey

Goapele – Milk & Honey

Neo-Soul/R&B singer Goapele provides the song of the week with a track far removed from soulful dreaminess we are used to from this songstress.

Milk and Honey, sees Goapele use her sultry voice over an electro-R&B tune with more synths than a Kanye West wet dream.  The way the vocals, soft and airy, sit over the heavily synthesised yet mellow beat makes for a very original slow jam in which she sexily entices a lover to cancel his plans and come to see her.

Great song that deserves to be heard by more people.

Soulside Funk

Ps. Another reason to get happy about this song is she is using bandcamp to distribute the song, so you can pay whatever you feel its worth (via widget below).


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