Gig Review and Pictures: Mini Viva @ Gold Dust – 16.09.09

Mini Viva

On Wednesday night, at the ever reliable Gold Dust, Mini Viva delivered a set far better than I was expecting and matched the trendy crowd pout for pout.

The pop-duo’s performance was an assured quasi-glamourous fair  as they strut their stuff, pouted their lips and basically had fun while being to be cool enough to match their music.  Probably still buzzing from the number 7 chart position on Sunday they appeared to glow on stage, as if all was right with the world.

And lets not forget about the music, their brand of disco tinged pop wasn’t bad either.  Kicking the set off with a raucus performance of Left My Heart In Tokyo they never looked back and the songs continued to get better.  The band matched the girls energy step-for-step to create some really infectious shoulder wiggling vibes.  The highlight for me was the ‘mellow’ song (which I’ve named Feel – no one ever announces the song names, lol) because it served as nice emotional diversion to glitz and glam.

Mini Viva are certainly enjoying their moment in the spotlight and long may it continue.  Definately worth catching live if your partial to a bit of very credible pop music.

Soulside Funk

Mini Viva Gold Dust 01Mini Viva Gold Dust 02Mini Viva Gold Dust 11Mini Viva Gold Dust 03Mini Viva Gold Dust 04Mini Viva Gold Dust 08Mini Viva Gold Dust 10Mini Viva Gold Dust 12Mini Viva Gold Dust 07

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