Waxin’ Lyrical on… Bluey Robinson

Wax Lyrical - 2009.20.09 - Bluey Robinson

Bluey Robinson is seemingly superhuman, an uncontrollable force of nature.  OK, this may be a little extreme however if you ever get the opportunity to experience the Bluey Robinson show you will completely understand.

Bluey Robinson is an up-and-coming R&B/Pop singer who has all the thrust and verve of a superstar in making.  From London and New York (having spent his youth between the two cities) he honed his singing talents busking on streets and tube stations.  His style is comparable to the current brand of R&B crooners; Ne-yo, J Holiday, etc.  and has some very catchy tunes.

The Bluey Robinson show is a lot more than the music, and watching it all unfold is a spectacle in itself.  First there’s the entourage, I counted two cameramen, at least one photographer (with a separate guy holding the flash), his dad and about three serious looking dudes on mobile phones the whole show.  This created an air of importance around him.

Second there’s his fan base, an eclectic mix of ‘Heads’ and girls done up as if they were going to Movida.  Seriously, I have never seen that many high-heels and so much red lipstick at a gig. This served to create a sense of expectation; how can he serve both crowds?

Then thirdly there is the response, girls almost fainting (I was fully expecting some pants to be thrown on stage), people singing every word… random “brrrraappps!”  Which made for a surreal vibe.

Bluey Robinson is the kind of act JLS wish they were.  He already has a large fan base (four chicks even travelled from Hastings for the 25 min set), and puts on a colourful and exciting show.  Yes the whole experience is squarely targeted at 16-year-old girls, however with the talent he posses there is something everyone else too.  With his American swagger and British charm Bluey Robinson is a name you’re going to become familiar with.

Soulside Funk

Myspace Page – http://www.myspace.com/blueyrobinson

Bluey Robinson Gold Dust 01Bluey Robinson Gold Dust 02Bluey Robinson Gold Dust 03Bluey Robinson Gold Dust 04Bluey Robinson Gold Dust 06Bluey Robinson Gold Dust 07

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