Waxin Lyrical on… Zarif

Wax Lyrical - 2009.21.09 - Zarif

This is something I should have written months ago, however with so much time passing since Zarif first came to my attention I thought there’d be no point anymore.  But now I sit here anxious, I find it hard to sleep because one of the brightest stars to emerge to the UK Soul scene has seemingly disappeared…

I discovered Zarif on the way to work one morning while reading a newspaper discarded on the Jubilee Line.  The article was about the UK Soul scene and Zarif was one of the artists mentioned.  I then went on a journey of discovery (well to the Myspace page) that reinvigorated my love for UK Soul music.

Zarif a UK born Iranian has a jaunty soul sound; part Esther Williams, part Nicole Russo with  a keen attention to instrumentation, from the booming brass on Box of Secrets, to the casual West Coast Red Hot Chilli Peppers-esque California, Zarif is reminiscent of Ms. Winehouse before she met Mr. Ronson – just with a lot more kick.

My first live Zarif experience was a small acoustic set she did at Barfly.  All the songs on the Myspace page stripped bare; just her and two guitarists.  It blew me away.  Then a few weeks later she rocked out at Madame Jojo’s, the booming instruments returned and the funk was overflowing.  I was sure a star was being born.

…and now I sit at my laptop wondering where she has gone.  Her third single, Over (one of the songs of the year), was due out on August 10th however I cannot find it anywhere.  The album was due to come out sometime this year (according to RTV in spring), however that too is untraceable.  It’s happened before great, acts disappearing without a trace.  Yes, she played Glasto, V Festival and toured with Beyonce however they would have been booked a long time ago…

Zarif are you out there?  Give us a sign?  Date Peter Andre, join the Sugababes, something, anything to let us know is all ok because I am starting to fear that there is a fantastic album out there we may never hear.

Soulside Funk

Myspace Page – http://www.myspace.com/zarifmusic

Zarif 01Zarif 02Zarif 03Zarif 04

PS. After writing this (but before posting it) she tweeted about Rihanna; now just tweet that Over is being released next Monday and all will be right with the world once again and I wont have to start one of those Government petitions to force Sony Music/RCA to release the album!

One thought on “Waxin Lyrical on… Zarif

  1. She got dropped pretty swiftly after the Beyonce tour I think. I will always like her for being my way into the Beyonce gig, but didn’t really like her style or think her songs were that great. Maybe she had some good ones in waiting. Over was quite fun.

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