My Thoughts… La Roux vs. Tinchy Stryder, The FINAL word

Banner Tinchy

The vast majority of celebrity feuds (about 99.5%) are pointless and the fact this one is getting any column inches bemuses me.  Either way I am going to settle this one right here, right now.

La Roux… Elly… you are right, George Michael did write Careless Whisper at 17, and you are also correct that Tinchy Stryder will probably never give us a record even close to this along as his career lasts.  However, neither will you and you’re 20 now!!! I don’t see you writing no Careless Whisper-esque at the moment dear.

Get over it and get over yourselves.  Now both of you… Move.  On.

There, argument settled.  Can we please get back to reporting important stuff like what Lily Allen has for lunch or Jade Ewen’s show size.

Soulside Funk

Ps. Careless Whisper is a classic, very very few people write timeless classics.  Why don’t you both compare yourselves to the music Betty Boo was writing at 17, think it’s a far more fair and relevant benchmark… arrrggghhh.

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