Song of the Week: What It Takes

brigitte 1

Bridgette Amofah – What it Takes


Song of the week doesn’t always have to be new… just a good song.  And this week we are strolling back to the end of last year and this bouncy piece of soul from Bridgette Amofah, lead singer of Oi Va Voi.

It’s best described as Mark Ronson-esque soul without the trumpets, as she lets ladies know that love is reciprocal.  She spells it out quiet simply,  “if you give him what he wants he give you give what you need…” and then goes on to spell it out even clearer on the chorus (stop being cynical there is more to it that just that).

Great song that really deserves to be heard more (and played in a few clubs too – could rave to this easily)

Soulside Funk

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