Gig Review and Pictures: Mamas Gun @ The Borderline – 06.10.09

Mamas Gun banner

If you are a regular to this website then you will be familiar with Mamas Gun.  If that name means little to you… catch up.  There are not many superlatives left to describe them; they have reinvigorated my love for UK soul music, providing a cocktail of Funk and Soul, chased with a tight band and immaculate vocals.

Routes to Riches, their debut album, was released last week and this gig was a bit of a celebration, a chance to say thank you to the family, friends and fans for their support.  That sentiment really came across as they rolled through many of the albums tracks in an accomplished manner.  They even managed to change my opinion of some of the album tracks; a Stevie Wonder-esque performance of Big Betty (when I closed my eyes I could swear I was listening to Superstition) and a fiery performance of Rico, reinvented the songs for me (previously I had not been a fan of them and now I cannot seem to get enough of Big Betty).  Pots of Gold sounds great on tape yet becomes sumptuous live.  Those three would have been worth the entrance fee alone (kinda feel like I owe them money to be honest) and finishing up with a cover of Charles Wright’s Express Yourself was a nice treat.

The guys are about to go on tour with Beverley Knight, and going by her performance at The Roundhouse and Mamas Gun’s performances throughout 2009 it should be one hell of a show.

Consistency is a very difficult thing to achieve.  Over the course of 2009 Mamas Gun have proved unquestionably they have it.

Soulside Funk

Mamas Gun Borderline 01Mamas Gun Borderline 02Mamas Gun Borderline 03Mamas Gun Borderline 04

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