Gig Review and Pictures: Eric Roberson @ The Jazz Cafe 08.10.2009

erro banner temp

There are few things in music better that Eric Roberson live, a sentiment anyone who has seen his show will happily co-sign.  After saying so many nice things about him over the years I feel I should be digging for faults and be as critical as possible.

I should chide him for seamlessly re-inventing songs, turning the smooth mellow flow of Couldn’t Hear Me into a bouncy rock number or giving songs on Music Fan First that sounded a little bland a new lease of life.  I should berate him for his crowd interaction, using supersharp wit to have the audience rolling with laughter, I came to hear music not comedy!  Why oh why serenade someone’s mobile phone…?

It’s all his band anyway, always on point and in Curt Chambers sporting one of the best lead guitarists in the world.

I should be finding faults however it’s almost impossible to.  Erro continues to set high benchmarks and met them.  He gives the full package; re-working songs so they do not sound like the album, and providing many comedic moments.  He obviously enjoys performing and this comes through.  Thursday’s concert was by no means Erro’s finest however it was still superior to much I have seen this year.  His gospel parody was classic, the intro to Only For U always brings a smile to my face, and Bad For You and Borrow You (off Music Fan First) both rocked live (I also now love both Dealing and Further despite being indifferent to them before).

Yeah, a longer set would have been nice (he did give us nearly 2 hours though!), however to cover everything I want to hear he would probably need 6 hours and a throat of steel (not sure if the Gatorade alone would cut it).

As always, the highlight was the freestyle, a song made up of songs shouted from the crowd.  He was tasked with making a song from; sardines, derelict, Thundercats, elephant and swollen.  By the end he had everyone singing in unison as if it were an album cut, “relax yourself girl, just settle down.”

If you like live music, seeing Roberson live is a must.  If you are a singer or have a band, seeing Roberson live is a must.  If you are an exec at a major label please take all your artists to see him, it will make the music industry a better place.

Eric.  Thank You.

Soulside Funk

Eric Roberson Jazz Cafe 03Eric Roberson Jazz Cafe 01Eric Roberson Jazz Cafe 06Eric Roberson Jazz Cafe 04Eric Roberson Jazz Cafe 05Eric Roberson Jazz Cafe 02Eric Roberson Jazz Cafe 07

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