Gig Review and Pictures: Rox @ Shepherds Bush Empire 11.10.09

Rox Banner Temp

OK, so the headline billing at the Shepherds Bush Empire on Sunday night was actually Daniel Merriweather, however I was only there for one reason, and that was for a little soul singer from East London…

My previous experience of Rox was cut short because the last train was looming so I had to sprint after a few songs at Hoxton Bar & Grill.  My first impressions were impressive; vibrant tunes with a strong diverse voice full of bite and pizzazz, yet able to rein it in when necessary.

(My) Expectations were high as she graced the just a little after 8pm, and about 2 mins in, after a booming start, I was able to relax as I realised I was going to enjoy this.

The songs were as good as the first time I heard them.  Stands out were Rox Steady, a wholesome reggae number (available for free download from her website… do it now!) and the final song which I’m calling Breakfast in Bed (although it’s probably called Out of my Head).  Tell Me Truth was a really nice bouncy number too.

The show was fun, even getting the crowd to dance a long with her to the aforementioned Rox Steady.

Keep a close eye on this one because although she may not become a household (UK soul acts never really do) there is the potential for one hell of an album… and some smoking gigs to come.  I look forward to them

Soulside Funk

Rox Shepherds Bush Empire 01Rox Shepherds Bush Empire 02Rox Shepherds Bush Empire 03Rox Shepherds Bush Empire 04Rox Shepherds Bush Empire 05Rox Shepherds Bush Empire 06Rox Shepherds Bush Empire 08Rox Shepherds Bush Empire 09Rox Shepherds Bush Empire 07

Ps. Just found out she is supporting Raphael Saadiq on Monday night (at the Bush Empire again), now that should be just a little bit tasty

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