Waxin Lyrical on… Kym Brown

Kym Brown

When Kym Brown took the stage, she reminded me of the High-School English or RE teacher who everyone  suspected to be little bit ‘away with the fairies.’  And when summing up Kym Brown’s music it is just that – a little bit crazy.  Yet it is this sense of imbalance (in the music and her) which makes Ms. Brown worth a mention.

Canadian born yet now residing in London, Kym Brown provides an unconvential take on pop music; trapped somewhere between electro and folk with a twist of zaniness.

Take Almost Happy for instance, a song that to begin with you wonder what on earth is going on.. however at about 60 seconds in you realign yourself into her world… and by about 1:30 mins you’re singing along with glee.  Fast As I  Can, is the complete opposite; instantly catching you… then by about 1:45 you realise you’re doing the Carlton dance!

The song-writing that brings it all together; simple, honest and almost childlike, giving Kym’s music an undeniable charm.

If you like your music a little left of centre with a sprinkling of fairy dust, Kym Brown is definitely one for you.

Soulside Funk

Myspace – http://www.myspace.com/kymbrown

Kym Brown 02Kym Brown 03Kym Brown 05Kym Brown 04Kym Brown 01

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