Song of the Week: I


Donae’o – I

When most people think of Donea’o they think Party Hard, however this little gem of a track is nothing of the sort.  It is a smooth, soulful House record that would make many an established House producer proud.

The real strength of this record is the vocal; strong and meaningful lyrics sung with Donae’o’s trademark husk.  “So I’m asking God to save me / but the Lord says I need to save my self,” are not words what we’ve come to associate with UK Funky, indeed I is more classic spiritual house from the likes of Jasper Street Co. or Roy Davis Jr. than Party Hard Funky

The quality of this tune will surprise a lot of people… give it a spin below

Soulside Funk

Ps. The album (Party Hard) is well worth a look, definitely one of the better releases this year. 

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