Gig Review and Pictures: Red & Pink @ PopRevue 02.11.2009

Red & Pink Banner

It feels as though we have well and truly moved into the next millennium as the electro sound, long associated with Sci-Fi movies and 80s drug-use, has now broken through and been given a twist of cool and credibility.

In the midst of all this, about five months ago, a band called Red & Pink jumped on board, and on the evidence of last night’s performance they should have jumped on board a whole lot sooner.  That’s not to say the music is particularly original or groundbreaking, it’s just they have taken a winning formula and ramped it up by 10,000+ volts.

They’re like Little Boot’s street-fighting bad cousin; Black and White is an aggressive, sharp, rock-tinged number, and Electronic with its outlandish synths and grime-esque rap at the end create a sound that’s stripped off the lip gloss and make-up currently associated with the Electro scene to create something edgy with real per-son-al-it-tee!  Stand out track was Out of Control.

If you like Electro, but sometimes think La Roux et al are a bit too tame… well Red & Pink are for you.  Me, I think I’ve found a new band to stalk!

Soulside Funk

Red & Pink PopRevue 01Red & Pink PopRevue 08Red & Pink PopRevue 02Red & Pink PopRevue 04Red & Pink PopRevue 06Red & Pink PopRevue 10Red & Pink PopRevue 00Red & Pink PopRevue 07

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