My Thoughts… Just a Little Too Sexy?

My Thoughts - Too Sexy

There’s a massive gap for a new girl group, yet are the new breed just a little too sexy?

The Sugababes are still finding their feet since Keisha left and Girls Aloud will be quiet for a while now Cheryl’s gone solo.  The Pussycat Dolls have disappeared since Melody exposed her dissatisfaction with Nicole on stage and anyone hoping for a Destiny’s Child reunion is frankly away with the fairies!

That means there is a humongous gap waiting to be filled and there are a lot of groups out there trying to fill it.  I have recently seen quite a few unsigned / up and coming girl groups and while some have great records and funky routines/concepts many seem to have one real problem in common… they are trying too hard to be sexy!

There is a very fine line between being demure and quite the very opposite. Far too many are falling on the wrong side because they are just trying too hard and forcing it your face.  While lingerie, thigh-high boots, leather, gyrating hips and touching yourself in places your boyfriend wishes he thought of might be the stuff of fantasy for many a man, it’s not really going to do much in the way of appealing to the demographic that will be buying your records.

Maybe they should take a look at The Saturdays for inspiration.  They have become a very successful group and have NOT dressed as pseudo-strippers or rubbed themselves like each performance was a 50 Cent video!

When we see these groups trying too hard to be sexy we just switch off because we think that is all they have to offer.

I’m not saying leave the boots, leather, sexy dresses etc at home… just make sure music always remains front and centre to what you do.

Soulside Funk

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