Rumours… Sugababes 1.0 Reforming

Sugababes Rumour

This may be old news now – however for those that don’t know, word is the original Sugababes are in discussions with Warner Music to reform. If this happens it will be pure comedy, we could have like a Sugababes catfight at the BRIT Awards or something for the band name.

All I do hope, is that the original Sugababes (v1.0) also use the name The Sugababes and then they can confuse the f*** out of everybody.  One group could play the O2 and the other Wembley Arena on the same night and we could see who wins… the fun is endless.

Please Warner, let this happen… if Warner are too chicken sh*t, someone else please step in.  Girls, you probably got enough money, fund the comeback yourselves!  Do you know the legs they will get from this on Never Mind the Buzzcocks!

Soulside Funk

Source: Guardian Music Blog

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