Wax Lyrical… Anja Helen

Wax Lyrical - Anja Helen

Anja Helen is a Scandinavian pop princess now residing in London.  Her sound is a Continental fusion of R&B and Pop, think Richard X with extra swirls.

What makes Anja worthy of mention is her voice; man can she hold a tune.  She reminds of a French singer I came across a last year called Lea Castel, a powerful melodic voice in a petit frame. The standout song from her short set was Goodbye.

Anja will not be everyone’s cup of tea (not really mine if i’m honest – just her voice live was really nice), however if your partial to the continental R&B/pop vibe then definitely check out her  (although to be fair the myspace doesn’t do her voice or songs justice).  Everyone else… errr… enjoys the pics (“,)

Soulside Funk

Myspace – http://www.myspace.com/anjafagerli

Anja Helen PopRokTic 01Anja Helen PopRokTic 08Anja Helen PopRokTic 02Anja Helen PopRokTic 06Anja Helen PopRokTic 07Anja Helen PopRokTic 03

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