Song of the Week: White Russian Doll


Lucky Soul – White Russian Doll

Lucky Soul have picked up where The Great Unwanted left off with a stonking dose of retro-tinged power pop!  White Russian Doll has an energy about it that makes you just wanna click your fingers and do a little jive or Carlton-esque dance or something.  By the end you’ve got strings coming at you from all angles and Ali’s vocals building… then just as your maxing out it all comes to an abrupt end.  Awesome.

Let you’re hair down, loose your inhibitions and enjoy (a far too short) two minutes and twenty-six seconds of musical merriment.

White Russian Doll is due for official release in January 11th 2010.

Ps. This record has got me just a little bit excited (and nervous) about the new album (read here for an interview with Lucky Soul where they talk the album amongst other things).

Soulside Funk


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