Waxin Lyrical on… His Girl Friday

Wax Lyrical - His Girl Friday

New bands can often face unusual challenges, such as trying to get backstage at your own gig.  This very fate had met His Girl Friday lead singer Jess Mills as I bumped into her trying to get backstage after her set at the Bush Empire.  Although security had no idea who she was, I had made a mental note to keep an eye on His Girl Friday.

Live, the band have a fun indie sound, kinda like a melodic MGMT or chilled Klaxxons.  Songs such a Take Shots and the Middle of Nowhere seem to really boom and almost force you to dance.  My favourite song was Our Time, which start as if it was going to be a slow jam then turned it up mid way through and never looked back.

I went searching on iTunes and found an acoustic record, The Patchwork EP, the band released in 2008.  It’s a a far departure from the set they played and really chilled out.  Snake In The Grass is well worth a download (and their  cover of Kids is pretty cool too).

If the Klaxxons and MGMT are a little bit too heavy for you sometimes then His Girl Friday may just be perfect.

Oh, and as I left the toilets I saw Jess still arguing while being ‘escorted’ down the stairs.  It’s tough being new…

Soulside Funk

Myspace – http://www.myspace.com/hisgirlfridaysongs

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