Gig Review and Pictures: VV Brown @ ULU 23.11.2009

VV Brown - at ULU

VV Brown looked like a superhero in a tutu, complete with feathery masquerade mask as she strode on stage to close out her first headline tour.  It was a look that only she could pull off and her surreal looks were matched only by her energy.

The set kicked off with powerfully with some rock-flavoured renditions – which, no matter how much passion they possessed they did not seem to work, it didn’t seem to fit and it was difficult to hear her voice.  Acoustic and reggae versions of Crying Blood served as nice re-inventions of one her more famous tracks and made the early section memorable.

It was however, mid-set when she did two covers, Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Viva La Vida that things started to turn around.  Although neither were particularly amazing, as she sung them a look grew on her face and a little sparkle came into her eyes as she slammed the Floor-Tom during Coldplay’s song.

Then, she disappeared.  About a minute later she returned with a parasol in hand and sung a rendition of I Love You that was to die for.  It was the first time her voice really cut through and served as a reminder of the raw talent she posses.

A theatrical performance of Back In Time and an energetic rendition of a new song, Caroline, took it to another level.

The one thing I love about VV Brown is her.  She seems like a lovely person, kind and humble, and I have no idea why the press and media keep on giving her such a hard time.  To be fair, I don’t think you’ll ever get VV Brown until you see her face-to-face (her music sounds a lot better live too).

Yes, last night’s show was a little hit and miss, however the hits were so darn good that it made you forget about the little misses.

Soulside Funk

VV Brown at ULU 01VV Brown at ULU 02VV Brown at ULU 03VV Brown at ULU 04a

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