Gig Review and Pictures: Lucky Soul @ The Monarch (01.12.2009)

Lucky Soul at The Monarch

Remember remember the 1st of December.  Two gigs, one night.

First up was Lucky Soul playing an intimate show at Camden’s Monarch.  It was an opportunity for Ali and co. to showcase tracks from their long overdue sophomore album, Coming of Age and from last nights show the new record looks like its going to pick up where The Great Unwanted left off.  The sound is more ‘grown-up,’ more adult.  Like when you move from Dairy Milk to Green and Black.  It’s still chocolate, just with a richer, more satisfying flavour.

That’s what the new music sounds like, the same thing with heavier guitars and deeper lyrics.

The title track, Coming of Age, probably got the best response of the night.  I would have agreed it was the best track… until I heard Flames (again), which just wrecked the building for me!  I love that record – candy coated Mowtown-esque charm with a really catchy hook.

The two slower songs (names I forget, sorry) also stood out as they gave Ali’s melancholy vocals the opportunity to cut through (she was a little drowned over some of the heavier tracks).

The album is due for release in March and I would recommend trying to see them play out before it drops.  They already have a semi-cult following and if Coming of Age gets half the attention The Great Unwanted did obtaining tickets post release may become a bit of a ‘challenge.’

Soulside Funk

Lucky Soul at The MonarchLucky Soul at The MonarchLucky Soul at The MonarchLucky Soul at The MonarchLucky Soul at The MonarchLucky Soul at The MonarchLucky Soul at The Monarch

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