Gig Review and Pictures: Laura Izibor @ The Jazz Cafe (01.12.2009)

There was no time for an encore at The Monarch as I sprinted to the other end of Chalk Farm Road to the one and only Jazz Cafe for part two of my evening out and Ms. Laura Izibor.

As I entered a three-quarter full Jazz Cafe something hit me, made me stop in tracks, rub my ears and pinch myself.  I sh*t you not, on December 1st 2009 whoever was doing sound at the Jazz Cafe achieved near perfect acoustics.  Vocals, crisp.  Every instrument, distinct.  Distortion, zero.  Volume, pleasurable.

Let’s not take away from Laura who gracefully sung her heart out, however man did it all sound oh so good!

Since last seeing Laura play her show has definitely improved and she seems more assured on stage.  From My Heart To Yours, and Don’t Stay sounded effortless (as did everything else, did I mention the acoustic that night?).

The thing I love about Laura is her carefree nature which comes through in her mini-speeches that are now a little shorter yet still filled with charm (and her accent is gorgeous).  Last time I saw Laura play she motivated me to finally get of my ass and start this blog.  Again she challenged the audience to do something ‘scary’ or new during the intro to Shine before proceeding to round off a nice night.  I missed the reggae-tinged version of Gracefully, which I was told was the highlight.

Why Laura Izibor did not blow-up in 2009 I don’t know because she really deserved to (especially when compared to those that did ‘blow.’  However, I think it’s because she didn’t ‘blow’ that we may have a new European soul-star to entertain us for many a year to come.

Did I mention the sound????

Soulside Funk

Ps. Did I really just admit to starting my blog because some singer told me do something new… man, I need to get out more!

Laura Izibor at The Jazz CafeLaura Izibor at The Jazz CafeLaura Izibor at The Jazz Cafe Laura Izibor at The Jazz Cafe

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