Song of the Week: Sea Sick

Ny – Sea Sick

Its been a minute since we’ve had some music from Ny.  Split Endz vol. 1 and 2 were (and still are) amongst the best of Mixtapes in recent years.  After playing around with Funky for a little bit (as everyone seems to these days!) she’s back with the nice, radio friendly, Sea Sick.

The thing I like about this most is the lyrics; they’ve got a hint of the old school about them, something I might not have expected from Ny.  An old school love song, soemthing the UK Urban scene struggles to make these days.  It reminds me of when the Pussycat Dolls surprised everyone with Stick Wit U.

Sea Sick is a curveball that works… now lets hope she follows it up with another mixtape soon!

Soulside Funk


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Category: Music

Request Numbers Are :Channel Aka 3488 Starz 3366

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