Pink @ The O2 (10.12.2009)

Like when you are trying to get around abroad and start to miss London Underground, some things are so good you don’t really notice them until their missing.  Pink is like that, for over a decade she has been making fantastic music and I have never really noticed her – just bought all her albums and listened to that tunes.  That was until Thursday night, because that was the first time I really noticed how good she is.

The show was one of those big production events; dancers, acrobats, videos, two giant inflatable clowns, costume changes, strings, smoke, mirrors, magical sofas.  At times it was so high-octane you never knew where to look or what to do!  It was full of colour and vibrancy more like going to a cabaret show than a concert.

The music was the special bit as she fired off tune after tune, Please Don’t Leave Me, U + Ur Hand, Like A Pill, Who Knew… it was like listening to a greatest hits CD!  In the middle she stripped it down to sing a few slower numbers accompanied by guitar, cello and violin.

The whole show was a visual and sonic treat and she barely put a foot wrong.  There was the scene where she was ‘pleasured’ by hands coming out of a couch; close-ups plastered on the big screen.  It was comedy when just after she asked “is everyone having fun?” – I don’t think anyone was having as much fun as her at that particular moment!

This was a good way to end off the year and recommend catching her live when she returns next summer.  As I stood in the O2 singing every word to (almost) every song I realised how important an artist Pink really is; from her early days with Babyface to here quasi-rock-chick status now, she’s magic!  I am now proud to say I am a fan… thing is, I’ve been a fan for the last eleven years, just I didn’t know it.

Soulside Funk

Pink at The O2Pink at The O2Pink at The O2 - AcrobatsPink at The O2Pink at The O2Pink at The O2

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