My Thoughts… Ones to look for in 2010

If you are a regular to this site, (most of) the names on the list should be fairly familiar.  These are few people who I think should have massive years in 2010.

Andreya TrianaAndreya Triana

Lost Where I Belong is such a f***ing awesome record that I have a feeling, for me, Andreya Triana will be one of the artists to really make 2010.  She may not sell truck loads of records and she may not get the radio play she deserves, however everyone who looks up Ms. Triana in 2010 will be musically blessed (no pressure on the album then! lol).

Big SeanBig Sean

Signed to Kanye West’s Good Music Big Sean is set to have a massive 2010 (even though he really should have blown in 2009) and he will be the years Kid Cudi or Drake.  He too is part of the uber-cool wave of US rappers that weren’t raised in the ghetto so have new things (well kinda new…) to talk about.

Bluey RobinsonBluey Robinson

If… and this is a big if… If Bluey Robinson gets airplay from Radio 1 on a primetime show he will spread like wildfire.  And probably take over the world!  If not, he will probably remain one the UK Urban scenes best kept secrets.  If you like R&B add him to your must see live list because the shows are fun (even if just to people watch) and the music comes alive.

Eliza DoolittleEliza Doolittle

One little trend I see coming next year is a resurgence of the folk sound, it being re-imagined with indie/pop overtones.  Of all the people delivering this kind of music, Eliza Doolittle is the pick of the bunch. She recently released the imaginatively titled, Eliza Doolittle EP, and it showcases her quirky song-writing and swing-along, honest beats.  Oh, and it looks like she likes the colour yellow… a win on all levels.

I Haunt WizardsI Haunt Wizards

If this band blow in 2010 it will be a victory of myspace.  They have a ridiculous online following for their electro-disco pop and have been quietly causing quite a scene in 2009.  They should have a great a 2010, especially giggin’ wise and if one of  their records gets picked up by a big DJ I predict massive things (btw – their recent remix to Arcade Eden’s Black Light was pretty darn good).

MArinaMarina & the Diamonds

A long term favourite of ours is set to have a massive year.  She has quietly been amassing a significant following as 2009 progressed and managed to impress more than a few people on the recent NME Radar Tour.  She is due an album in 2010 so expect Ms. Marina’s hard-edged quirky indie pop to become plastered in your face sometime soon.

Mike PosnerMike Posner

Mr. Posner graced 2009 with two of the best mixtapes of the year on the scene.  If ya not familiar with him, think a singing Asher Roth. He brings to the table tales about college and girls that are devilishly funny.  Album is out at some point in 2010 and with it this dude should blow.


Another favourite from this website was set to have a massive 2010, however uncertainties about the release date of her album (which is being continually pushed back) have cast a grey cloud over what should be a fantastic year.  Despite the Remi Nicole-esque lead single the rest of her music is fantastic. Lively, passionate and cheeky.  Of all the people listed here I want her doubly to succeed because she seems like a lovely person too!


Rox should be blowing up right about…  … now!!!  Seriously, this girl has gone from strength to strength as 2009 has progressed.  She is now a regular on BBC radio (even getting chummy with Dermott).  Her music is fantastic, and her live show even better.  This is UK Neo-Soul music that can easily compete and surpass the US competition.  Fingers crossed the album will demonstrate that in the way her live shows already do.

Soulside Funk

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