Gig Alert: Mos Def @ Koko (15.04.2010)

Mos Def is returning to London, after a rather long hiatus he is blessing us with his presence twice in short succession.  His gigs are always good, giving that conscious, free-flowing hip-hop.  However just know you will be waiting around for a long time.  Half the fun is trying to guess what excuse he will give for coming on stage so late!

April 15th is a Thursday, so if you’re working the next day it could be dangerous, and just know you wont be getting home early.

Tickets are £22.50 (+ change) and a few are left at We Got Tickets (so fees are marginally lower).

Talib and Mos have done a lot of music together lately (e.g. this weeks SOTW) and rumours of a BlackStar reunion are rife.  Will it happen on the 15th?  Probably not, however if it did, I bet you’ll wish you there.  Decisions, decisions…

Soulside Funk

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