Wax Lyrical on… Twiggs

Wax Lyrical - Twiggs

If Kate Bush, Blondie and Lily Allen had a love child, Twiggs may just be result; a strong 80s sound with charming and cheeky lyrics.

She is a petit  little thing, about the size a shot glass, with a very striking look; part Lady Gaga part post-punk Riot Grrrl.  It comes through in her music, although at first I didn’t ‘get it.’  After a few songs I started to ‘get it.’  Twiggs isn’t one you can easily fit into a box however when you understand that you start enjoying the funky (and sometimes thumping) sounds.

Look for a song I’m naming Got Me On A Sunday, as this was the standout.

If you like your music a long way left of centre and wish you were old enough to rave in the 80s, Twigs just may be the trick for you.  If on the other hand you are sick and tired of the 80s revival and wish everyone would just enjoy the decade they are in… run.  Run as fast as you can do not look back!

Soulside Funk

Ps.  This was a post I had written ages ago, however not got around to putting up.  I think as we move into 2010, she becomes an interesting one… if the noughties was when everyone got nostalgic for the 80s, well the “teenies???” will be when everyone goes nostalgic for the 90s (post on this soon).  So where does that leave Twiggs (and others), relatively new artists with their feet firmly entrenched in the electro of the 80s?

Pps. I’ll add for an encore artists later…

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