Song of the Week: Kiss Me Thru The Phone

Mike Posner – Kiss Me Thru The Phone

This week’s song of the week is a lesson in how to turn a terrible song into a banger!

Words cannot describe how annoying I found the Soulja Boy (who is by the way the personification of everything wrong with hip-hop right now) version of the record… then I heard this Mike Posner version and the song became a banger!

He took the beat, flipped the lyrics (and threw Saigon on the remix, although he’s been cut from the youtube version).

The mixtape, One Foot Out The Door is essential listening, peep it on his myspace page –

Everybody now… “Ba-by, I know that you’r ly-ing, probably gone de-ny it, I know that you scheming when you say you going home…”

Soulside Funk


for an encore try…

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