Gig Alert: R Kelly @ Hammersmith Apollo (09.04.2010)

This is tough one.

R Kelly, the Pied Piper of R&B (no paedo jokes please) is coming to London Town (Hammersmith Apollo to be exact) on April 9th 2010.  If this was late 90’s, or even 2003 this would be a no brainer.  However… a lot has happened since then.

There was the ‘video’ and the ‘trail.’  Trapped in the Closet parts 6 to 33,718 (parts 1 to 5 were cool – it’s the rest that was disturbing).  Now there’s the latest single, Pregnant, which is probably the single worst piece of R&B (if you can even call that car crash of a record that) I have heard in many many years.

I thank God for Spotify because we’re in a recession and I may have spent my hard-earned money on that dudu of an album.  Luckily I spent my money on glow in the dark Play-Doh instead!

And there lies the problem.  His back catalogue is second to none and he has always been on the ‘must see live list.’  However, recently he has become somewhat of a creative dud choosing to copy the talentless R&B artists of now and his talent is fast decaying.

Tickets are £35 – £45; a bargain for 90s Kellz, an absurdity for late 00’s Kellz (who is now 43 and will probably do more microphone humping and hip hula-hoop than Robin Thicke!).

I have no idea whether I’ll go.  Tickets available here (Ticketmaster) from 9AM tomorrow.

Decisions, decisions…

Soulside Funk

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