Waxin’ Lyrical on… Jay Brown

Ever since Nizlopi open up my ears I have always been partial to a little folk music.  While I still find the traditional form of folk somewhat tiresome, I do like it when artists take the genre and put their own twist on it.

Taking the folk genre, well girl and guitar, and giving it a little twist is exactly what Jay Brown is doing.   When I got a chance to see her at the end of 2009, to be honest I was expecting more acoustic soul, something a little more R&B.   However, she was anything but.  It was raw, unfiltered folk music with overtones of ska and rock.

Take a trip to her myspace page and look up a track called Video, think that one sums up her style and music the best.

Jay seems to be constantly gigging (and touring with her big sis VV has definitely helped her grow as a performer).  Rumour also has it she is working with Ed Sheeran, which is definitely a good look.

Will Jay become the ‘next big thing’?  You never know.  However, I don’t think her music means to be.  It’s more about making a subtle statement, using her voice and guitar to mix musical influences and create something her own.  If she gets that  right, it will be far better than being the 5 minute ‘next big thing.’


Jay BrownJay BrownJay BrownJay Brown

for an encore try…

SoundsLike - Bic RungaSoundsLike - Bon IverSoundsLike - Joan Armatrading

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