Song of the Week: Imagine

Lei-An – Imagine

This is by no means a new, nearly new or even just released track.  The reality is this song was released at the end of 2008 and how it completely passed me.  How, I have no idea (I blame the radio DJs!) but I do know now i’ve found it the song will stay around for sometime.

Imagine is a mid-tempo R&B jam with a strong resemblence to Amerie in her All I Have days.  It uses one of my favourite samples, The World Is A Place and is accompanied by random dreamy piano attacks to make for an excellent summertime record.

OK, so the video is a little bootleg (her dancing in the road with the cars driving by… well around without swerving are jokes) in fact so bootleg it makes most of the stuff on Channel U look oscar worthy, however the tune itself is more than a cut above the rest.

Soulside Funk

PS. Oh and I downloaded the album on for £2.99 (some special offer or something, because usual price is £5.99 which is still worth it) and it’s really good, reminiscent of Amerie or Ashanti’s debut albums.



for an encore try…

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