Gig Review and Pictures: Rox @ The Jazz Café (08.02.10)

I wasn’t going to write anything more about Rox because I don’t think there’s anything left to say and I’ve probably given her too many column inches without even as much love as free gig ticket!

What I find interesting about her is the bigger she gets the more humility has started to seep into her ice-cool frame, admitting on Tuesday night she was star-struck when meeting Krystle Warren (who was on the same bill).

The more I see her the more she reminds me of a young Lauryn Hill, so much so that I half expect her to stiffen her upper lip, throw up a gang sign and start dropping a rhyme or two.  Rox, if you or any of your people are reading this… please don’t (start rapping that is).

I hadn’t planned to reach The Tabernacle on March 18th… however if there is still no sign of an album or new songs on the Myspace I just might have to.

Soulside Funk

Rox @ Jazz Cafe 04Rox @ Jazz Cafe 02Rox @ Jazz Cafe 05 Rox @ Jazz Cafe 06 Rox @ Jazz Cafe 01


for an encore try…

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