Gig Review and Pictures: Eliza Doolittle @ The Jazz Café (09.02.10)

Last week Eliza’s music kept me sane, and Tuesday night her cute little set at the Jazz Cafe made my week.  She’s like a musical version of Slummdog Millionaire, no matter how much you try and resist her tunes will just, well, make you happy!

Eliza and her band look like a group of troubadours; a double-bass, trimmed down drum-kit and guitar/ukulele.  This is a band at its bare essentials and provides the perfect complement to Ms. Doolittle’s playful vocals.

Kicking off with “Moneybox” and then playing Moneybox (very different songs, same name apparently) they were like a jolly afternoon hanging out by Regents Canal.  I dare you to listen to her and not be affected; even the slow songs a boppable and the lyrics adorable.

Not even a broken mic could stop her, and from the warm-up slot she easily outclassed the rest of bill.  I look forward to the next single, Skinny Genes, which picks up right where Rollerblades left off.

Crowd participation during A Smoking Room was a nice touch to add to this merry little set.  Just writing this alone has increased my happiness levels by 16.3%.

Soulside Funk


Eliza Doolittle Jazz Cafe Eliza Doolittle Jazz CafeEliza Doolittle Jazz Cafe


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