Upcoming Gig: Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings @ Koko (14.04.10)

Soul music does not come any funkier or more robust than Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings.

Ms. Jones is a powerful singer; strong and bold with a voice reminiscent of golden age soul music from the 60s.

The Dap Kings provide the perfect backing, making music so authentic sometimes it is hard to work out whether this is new or some re-discovered Mowtown classic – perhaps hidden in Berry Gordies locker for 40 years!  The Dap Kings are also one of the prime reasons Amy Winehouse sounded so darn good, working with her on Back to Black (peep the video below of them performing Love’s A Losing Game together).

Koko, will be the perfect venue for them (Sharon’s voice alone is too big for somewhere smaller).  Do not expect slow music however, 99% of their music is pacy and powerful brought to life with a booming wind section.

For anyone who loves soul music of the funky, Mowtown variety this gig is an absolute must.  Tickets are £19 (+ change) and available from AGMP (link).

Soulside Funk


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