Gig Review & Pictures: Kinny @ The Luminaire (19.02.2010)

With Andreya Triana preparing to tour Europe with Bonobo it was left to Kinny to headline the entertainment on Friday night in The Luminaire.

She started off well, utilising her powerful and husky voice to perform some of the better tracks on the album; 2546 Nice! and Damn were great, both however gulfed by a funky performance of Idle Forest of Chitchat.

The problem was that after this storming start, it all got well… a little boring.  In her defence she did not have a band to work with, and she admitted this felt a little “weird.”  The support of a band would definitely have bought the later songs she sung to life (and made the earlier tracks irresistible).  Without one it was a bit bland.  There is only so much bouncing, and hand waving someone can do to bring life to a set and it was abundantly clear she was a little lost without her band.

Playing with a band Kinny will be definitely worth a look, she seems like the kind of artist who needs one to come alive.  Without one it felt like only half a performance.  I have a sneaky feeling that if you ask her she’ll probably admit Kinny sans band is only half a show.

Lets hope she comes to London with the full show soon.

Soulside Funk


Kinny at The LuminaireKinny at The LuminaireKinny at The Luminaire Kinny at The Luminaire


for an encore try…

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