Song of the Week: Wine Glass

Leddra Chapman – Wine Glass

Everyone likes a little romance, and a heartfelt love song can warm even the stiffest of souls… and that is exactly what Ms. Chapman does on Wine Glass.

I was alerted to Leddra Chapman only last night and hearing this record made me feel all warm and tingly on a bitterly cold winter’s commute in London.  I love the way she talks about the little things, those tiny character traits that make/made the one her heart yearns for so special.  The sparse arrangement, slowly building throughout, makes for a compelling listen.

Don’t fight it, click the play button and enjoy being starry-eyed for 4 minutes… then share the feeling and forward it on

Soulside Funk

Ps. Why is it so many great folk love songs mention alcohol somewhere, in some form?  Just a thought…



for and encore try…

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