Waxin’ Lyrical on Krystle Warren

“Apparently I’m the next big thing,” Krsytle proclaimed while standing on the Jazz Cafe stage with a wry smile on her face, before deciding to “f**k the setlist” and play what she wanted.  It was cheeky rebellion at its best.

Standing on stage Ms. Warren has the look of a vagabond who’s travelled more and seen more than every person in the audience combined.  Someone who travels around, hitch-hiking and sleeping on strangers sofas with her guitar strapped to her back.   Her face looks like it has a story worth hearing; unglamorous and worn yet friendly.

When she opens her mouth to sing it encompasses all of this; graciously unkempt.  The sound reminded me of how Nina Simone would poor her heart and soul into a record, bellowing a piece of her into every note.  It’s the ability to be harrowing on one song then charismatic for another – songs like Central Park and Little Wonder captured this perfectly.

Krystle and her guitar may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  It’s a challenging listen at times; sparse and lacking hum-along melodies.  Put the effort in and Krystle Warren is well worth it; kind of like reading an autobiography.  Oh and she’s apparently the Next Big Thing, didn’t cha know!?!

Soulside Funk

Krystle Warren at the Jazz CafeKrystle Warren at the Jazz CafeKrystle Warren at the Jazz CafeKrystle Warren at the Jazz Cafe

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