Song of the Week: Speechless

Breakage feat. Donae’o – Speechless

Dubstep has been bubbling under for quite a while and finally hit the mainstream towards the end of 2009 (bouyed by the likes of Rihanna and Busta Rhymes using the sound on their albums).

This track which brings together one of the scenes pioneers, Breakage, with one of the UK Urban scene’s best vocalists, Donae’o, for what has all the elements of a great dubstep track; strong and hypnotic bassline coupled with a velvet vocal – offering the perfect juxtaposition of rough vs. smooth.

Most urban genre’s (i.e. Grime, Garage, Funky…) generally have short stays under the spotlights so I hope while its Dubstep’s turn we get many more tracks even half as good as this one.

Soulside Funk

Ps. Chase & Status’ at Lovebox is probably going to be one of the sets of the weekend.  I am fully expecting it to be reminiscent of (and as monunetal as) M Beat’s legendary live show at Notting Hill Carnival many moons ago.



for an encore try…

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